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Barnes Crossing Campground in Tupelo, MS is located in a remote wooded area just a stone's throw from the town of Starkville, Mississippi. Trace State Park offers a peaceful natural retreat located just a few miles from a fast-growing city in the heart of the Mississippi Delta.

There are several statues and exhibits scattered throughout the park, reaching as far as the Tennessee border. It is a great place to relax, to enjoy the great scenery and be part of the history of Mississippi and the Mississippi Delta region as a whole. This is one of our favorite places in Starkville, Mississippi, for hiking, camping, fishing or just fun.

Located on the MSU campus, the Cullis Gladys Wade Clock Museum, which is predominantly made up of American clocks from the early 18th century, is located in a visitor center connected to the Barnes & Noble campus. The Mississippi State Mitchell Memorial Library also houses a variety of books on the history, history of Mississippi and the Mississippi Delta region. The Marshall County Historic Museum is dedicated to the history of Marshall County and Holly Springs, including a museum of historic buildings, artifacts and artifacts, and a collection of historic photographs and photographs.

Opened in 2006, the BankPlus amphitheatre has hosted a variety of music events, including concerts, festivals and other events. The main campus of the State of Mississippi, the University of Mississippi campus in Starkville, Mississippi, features a number of state-of-the-art sports facilities as well as a variety of restaurants, bars and shops.

There are a variety of events and meetings held by each department and strongly supported by the MSU Student Council. Enjoy great food and shopping, listen to live music from national touring acts on two open-air stages, see the "Bully" MS U mascots and MSU cheerleaders, and experience the world all day long - long International Fiesta held at the John H. Holmes Convention Center in downtown Starkville. The Maroon and White share the anticipation for the spring homecoming with the other big events in Starkville. Attend the University of Mississippi's annual spring football game against Mississippi State University, or enjoy great food, shopping and seeing friends, family and friends from around the country.

Hordes of students, alumni and supporters will fill a sea of tents as they gather to eat, eat and drink, visit and attend to prepare for MSU's annual spring football game against Mississippi State University. The Tailgate Party is scheduled for 7: 30 p.m. at the John H. Holmes Convention Center in downtown Starkville and features live music from local and national touring acts as well as food and beverage vendors. The floats will take their processions through the Cotton District and downtown Starkville on Saturday, April 22.

Mississippi State provides an excellent environment for preparing for the annual spring football game against Mississippi State University. Located on Saturday, April 22 at the John H. Holmes Convention Center in downtown Starkville, Hail State Tailgate also offers fans the opportunity to gather in an inviting venue for the opening game of the 2016-17 football season. Fans call this city the "baseball capital of the South" because it is home to Mississippi State University's Diamond Dogs, which make up the top league of college football teams in Mississippi State and across the country.

Colonel Montgomery imported cattle from the island of Jersey, thereby establishing the region's importance as a milk centre. Known as Lake Monroe Campground in Aberdeen, MS, this 111-acre lake is one of 24 in-state fishing lakes operated by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks. Town Creek Campgrounds offer a variety of camping options as well as access to a number of parks and recreational areas.

The pines are now everywhere, but nothing has changed in Starkville, Mississippi, a city of about 1,000 people. Locals stop to shop, eat, take a walk along the paths, shop at the local grocery store or just take a walk in the historic downtown.

If you are traveling on I-22, take Exit 30 and head north to discover another piece of Mississippi history. Mississippi Horse Park in Starkville is a national Top 40 rodeo facility and is considered one of the most popular horse parks in the United States. It is the largest horse park in Mississippi with over 1,000 horses and has been discovered as the site of several horse races, horse shows and even a rodeo.

The annual Christmas Parade and International Fiesta celebrate the city's diverse cuisine and culture. This event focuses on family-oriented events such as family-friendly activities, food, entertainment, music and more.

Starkville is part of the Golden Triangle in northeastern Mississippi, which consists of Starkville, Columbus and West Point. The Mississippi Arts Festival, held in the Cotton District on the third weekend in April, is considered one of the most important arts festivals in our state, attracting a record attendance of nearly 25,000 in 2008. Mississippi Magazine has named the festival one of the 100 best events in the state and the American Bus Association as the "Top 100 Event in North America." At the intersection of Main Street and Mississippi, north of downtown, there is an active student and entertainment district.

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More About Starkville