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Every visitor can see one or more films on individual tickets or get a good screening for all three days of the festival. On the next page you will find a complete list of Starkville, MS concert and sports theatres as well as their ticket prices. We offer a wide selection of tickets to ensure that every event in Stark County, from concerts to sporting events, comes to you authentically and in the best possible way and with the most up-to-date information. You can sort seats by quantity, price and section and use our Seat Card to display all available tickets for each venue.

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Enjoy great food and shopping, enjoy live music from national touring acts on two open-air stages, see the Bully, the MSU mascot and the MSU cheerleader, and participate in a variety of fun activities at the annual Mississippi State University Homecoming Parade. Share the Maroon and White's anticipation for the spring return with the events and gatherings the department is hosting. Experience the world all day long - Long International Fiesta, which takes place on Saturday, March 31, from 12 noon to 5 pm on the University of Mississippi campus in Starkville at John H. Holmes Stadium. Presented by the StarkVILLE Area Arts Council, this meeting offers a wide range of arts and crafts, music, food, entertainment, crafts and more.

Three times a year, the unwindy downtown offers a wide range of good wines, beer, wine and food. Enjoy a slice of Americana, artfully paired food and live music from local and national touring acts on two open-air stages. The annual Mississippi State University Homecoming Parade on Saturday, March 31, features a wide range of arts and crafts, music, entertainment, crafts and more at John H. Holmes Stadium in Starkville.

The annual Cotton District Arts Festival will take place Saturday, March 31, from noon to 5 p.m. at the Starkville Convention Center. Courses and events encourage adults and children of all abilities to get creative in a fun, creative environment with arts and crafts, music, food, crafts and more.

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More About Starkville