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If you want a first-class meal and delicious Angus steaks with bite-sized, watery toppings, you have to go to the porch on Lincoln Green. This is a local favourite as they are enjoyed in the lovely bar on the Thames and are known to serve Black Angus steak, which can be topped with grilled prawns. Start with a good glass of wine and a good selection of delicious food, and then you can enjoy - along with the first-class - all the food.

This sports barbecue has everything you need for a full game - a day's experience, including a fully-equipped bar and great service with a huge selection of sandwiches and burgers, including fantastic freshly sliced onion rings. The selection of beer and wine is excellent, but at weekends the selection of cheese and chips is the greatest. Bebe: A very student bar / grill with a large backyard grill with live bands and students enjoying drinks and special burgers.

On Sunday after the game, you should definitely go to Strange Brew Coffeehouse on Highway 12 to get a coffee to go. Start your afternoon with drunken chicken nachos and a cold drink while people watch from your seat and you will struggle to sleep on your cheese fries. Hit up Junction: If you wake up on a Thursday or Friday, you can warm up with a beer or two before a game at the intersection.

If you visit Mississippi, you should want to pay your grocery dollars to the local payroll. That's similar to Applebees, but preferable, and is where most students at Mississippi State take their parents so that dad gets the tab.

You can put more of your budget into a Starkville gift basket filled with gourmet dishes and gifts from Mississippi, or you can consider shipping. You can also order gifts online from StarkVILLE, which are delivered to many international cities in Stark County. There are many local grocery stores and even a few online stores, but not all of them can be considered as shipped.

If you want authentic New Orleans-style food but can't make a big or easy trip, Obygulla suggests a visit to Petty's Grumpy's Barbecue, one of Starkville's most popular barbecues with a wide selection. Other good options are Boli's Calzone (recommended) or go to a local pizza service like Pizza Hut, if the pizza is not to your taste, you can find it at the local grocery store or even at a restaurant near you.

Evans, from Fort Worth, Texas, writes: "Depending on what kind of meal you're looking for, you can choose from a variety of options in Starkville. Check out this list of restaurants, bars and shops to see if you're in the area. If you look at the delicious cakes, pasta, sub's and sandwiches served, you will find more information on the menu.

If you're looking for the Bulldogs' win to be the best place to gather, this is: The fans say you have to be patronising. Drive less than a mile from downtown to this restaurant to get some of the good food Starkville has to offer.

There is a strip of local bars and restaurants, but the college town has barbecue areas, and every sandwich place has sandwich places. Too many bars, to name a few, too many restaurants to see many, so this is the strip with the local bar / bar in it.

If Starkville had a different name, I would recognize it as one of the leading college towns in the Southeast. Ole Miss certainly raised a bell or two in my estimation, but when my daughter was in Mississippi State's college equipment business, calling it "ugly" and "indecent," she was thinking about not feeling comfortable at school. "Bama The Bad," I had to laugh.

I usually love a good shrimp po - boy, but I didn't know I had tried one until I saw the menu and saw they also served alligator po'boys. When a friend of mine mentioned the boys of the restaurant and invited me to eat there one day, I decided to try it in the original Oby restaurant. My husband Josh wanted to take a picture of the charity item, so we drove around town to get some food supplies.

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