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Mississippi Highway 389 (MS 389) is a state highway that runs through the city of Starkville, Mississippi, in the US state of Mississippi. In Sparta County, the route meets county road 419 (CR 419) and the road intersects with Hill Circle Road before entering Chickasaw County. The road leads to the city center and is known as West Point Road in this city. After CR 106, MS389 reaches the Houston city limits and connects to the Mississippi State Highway System at the intersection of West Point Rd.

The northern section begins on MS 46 west of Montpelier and heads north, crossing the Natchez Trace Parkway in Chickasaw County. From this point, it goes north and northwest, starting at the intersection of West Point Road and North Starkville Road, and continuing north to the Mississippi State Highway System. The route continues north through North - Stark County northwest and ends at an intersection with Mississippi Highway 389 in the city of Houston, Mississippi.

The road leads north through the city and then south to the Mississippi State Highway System at the intersection of Mississippi Highway 389 and MS 46.

If you are looking for upscale accommodations, the Holiday Inn Express is a solid choice, but you won't find a $500 per night room in Starkville. When you book a room at the Courtyard Marriott Columbus, you are only 20 minutes from the city. If you prefer a budget friendly room with extras, you can also book rooms at Days Inn Suites StarkVILLE. However, you may need to stay a little further out of town, as you will not find more than 500 overnight accommodations in any of the hotels in the area outside Stark County.

re in town for a Mississippi State ball game, the Red Roof Inn Starkville is bebing to make attending the game as easy as possible. The hotel has only 37 rooms, but its elegance and beauty are timeless and cannot be overlooked, especially when you go to the luggage compartment lid. Bulldog tracks seem like a popular center to fight against, so if your city is eligible for the ball games, you'll probably make a stopover. If you want to beat the crowds and experience the traffic jams in Starkville, you can stay in a hotel and drive out of town for a night.

June and August are the busiest seasons for tourism in Starkville, and it is not so difficult to find a hotel room. July follows August, the most popular time of year for Mississippi State's football game, so lodging and other accommodations can cost more than usual. Prices for hotels and flights are the most expensive, but you can save by buying well in advance. You'll find a better selection of accommodations at prices you'll love, such as the Red Roof Inn and the St. Louis Convention Center.

Enjoy great food and shopping, listen to live music from national touring acts on two open-air stages, and experience the world on the day - long International Fiesta held on the University of Mississippi campus at Holmes Field in downtown Starkville. Mississippi State baseball is well attended - all the time, but be aware that other events are taking place that have nothing to do with the university. Share the Maroon and White's anticipation for their spring return at events and gatherings held by each department. Join the annual Mississippi State Football Game Day and experience the Bully, MSU's mascot, and MS U cheerleaders.

If you want to do something really clean after the game, head to Memphis and visit Graceland. Tupelo is the birthplace of Elvis Presley, so of course there is a huge part of the store dedicated to his work, but you can also visit Rowan Oak, the house where he lived. Enjoy a piece of Americana - the famous author William Faulkner is from Oxford, so of course there are large sections of this store dedicated to this work. Mississippi State's annual football game at Holmes Field offers a toe - good entertainment and great music from local and national acts.

Time to take a trip and head to the renovated 1874 Mobile, Ohio railroad depot. The Oktibbeha County Museum of Local History and Culture combines history and culture with contemporary life and houses a variety of artefacts from the early days of the county and its history. The numerous collections include letters and even political cartoons depicting the lives and times of local leaders such as the first Mississippi governor and the state's first mayor.

We rented a place in Crawford, MS, which was as close as we could get to Starkville when we planned our route, about an hour and a half away, but we forgot to change it. The quick exit was to return to what is now college town and have a good view of the Mississippi and Gulf Coast from our hotel room window.

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